Because Science!

Sometimes you need a break from making Halloween (or anything seasonal), decor.

I wanted a new sign for my lab so I made this. I think it is appropriate for what goes on there. This is hung above the door leading into my lab.

I don’t have pictures of how to make it, but it’s not difficult. I had scrap plexiglass so I glued it together to make different layers. I printed out just random material I found online and glued it to the various plastic pieces. I then painted some thinned down black paint to make it a little dirty. On each plastic ‘seam’, I applied black caulking.

The gears and symbols are printed using a 3-D printer. At first I was going to make the gears move (actually had it completed), but then took it out cause it was a lot of parts / effort for something so small.

The letters are wood, paint and vinyl. If you can’t tell, they come from the Periodic Table of Elements. As with the other symbols, I used nylon spacers to bring them out from the background.