I love fog in haunts. Who doesn’t? When done properly, it can transform a scene from static to haunting. People walking through low-laying fog will always wonder if there is something in it waiting to capture them. It’s then that you can play tricks on the mind. Creepy music? Snake-like things barely visible. Maybe a suction into a box? Making them think they are about to find out what is within.

I have used it in several ways. Some documented examples so far are: Vortex, Monster in a Box and Buried Fog.

So it’s a bit of a surprise to people when they ask why I haven’t included it in some haunt or another. Here are some reasons to not bother with it.

  • Time – it takes a lot to thoroughly setup and test.
  • Complexity – pushing fog out is easy. Trying to manipulate it is another thing.
  • Mother Nature – even the slightest wind will cause your fog to go all over the place.

I love fog and have ideas on how to make something incredible with it. I just leave it as one of the last pieces of the puzzle. Something that, “if I have time,” I will do it.

Feature Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay