The Obelisk

I have wanted to build one of these for quite a while but never got around to it. Since I had a bunch of spare wood I decided it was time.

I don’t have any plans or how-to’s for this but you can find those pretty easily online. One thing I did differently was that I didn’t cut angles in the frame pieces and decided to use hinges instead. This allowed me to modify it as I built up the top. Basically it made my life a little easier. Here’s a crappy drawing.

Obelisk Frame

I wanted this prop to have a distinct purpose instead of just eye candy. What I wanted it to show was the theme for this year’s haunt. That the dolls had taken over. That’s why there’s 3 skeletons, each with a different sign hung on them. They read: ‘I was wrong,’ ‘They did this,’ and ‘I’m an example.’ Then the Annabelle tombstone was placed in front.

Once I got it built I put lights in the center and routed fog to it. In the end it came out pretty good.