Thrift Stores

Not all Thrift stores are the same. So take a cautious step before jumping in and saying, “What a deal!”

From my experience, smaller stores have better deals. And they are generally worked by volunteers. There’s no flash to these and they are generally a bit more disorganized than others, but…

They. Are. Better.

I do like places like Goodwill and love what they give back, but I also find them selling items for way too much. Once I even found Halloween skulls from the dollar being sold there for $3. Again, I get the point and I will repeat what I said. I do appreciate them. I donate to them as much as the others, even when I don’t actually go into the store. And for the record, it’s not just ‘Halloweeny’ type stuff. I’ve gone in there for clothes for my kids and still found them almost just as expensive as something brand new.

You can find anything and everything in thrift stores if you are willing to look and put up with more BS than you would otherwise. Take a look at my, ‘Where you can find shit’ article and you can see what treasures you can find.