Witch Lamps

Witch Lamps Instructional

This was my second attempt at making ‘Witch Lamps’ or whatever you want to call them. The year prior I did them but used PVC. I thought this would be a little easier given that it already has a spot for you to place the light.

Instead of the normal paper mache, I used a 50/50 mix of Flexbond mortar mix and water with blue paper shop towels. It seemed to work a lot better given the moisture outside but also adds a lot to the weight.

Here are a couple more hints for you:

  • When searching for the torch, check the bottom first. You want to be able to stick rebar in the bottom to help stand it up in the yard.
  • Wearing gloves = you don’t get splinters.
  • Paint dark to light.


  • Remove the canister from the torch and tear off the top portion so that only the vertical bamboo (spikes at this point), are left.
  • Place a mason jar (or whatever you are using), into the top. This tells you how much to cut off and also the width you will need.
Witch Lamps Instructional
Witch Lamps Instructional
  • Cut off the tips to the desired length.
  • Add whatever item you want or have to add texture. The key point here is that you don’t want to keep it looking like a bamboo torch.
  • I used rope and duct tape to add to it.
  • Side note. Want thick rope at cheap prices, check out Harbor Freight. So much cheaper than Lowes, Home Depot, etc.
Witch Lamps Instructional
  • I used the cut off tips from before to add ‘spikes’ or ‘broken wood’ to the staff.
  • Once you’re happy with what you have cover it all in the mortar mix and let dry. I used paper towels to help it adhere to the bamboo. I would also do 2 coats if you can to make sure it’s covered.
Witch Lamps Instructional
Witch Lamps Instructional
  • Once it’s dry, paint away! Remember to start with dark to light. I used black, brown and some green. Don’t be afraid to mix them or the order up.
  • Add some extras. I added the mason jar lights and some jute netting.
  • I used rebar to make it stand up. See my Making it Real post for more information.
Witch Lamps Instructional
Witch Lamps Instructional