About the Haunt

It started with a spider…

A while back I wanted a large spider to put on my roof for Halloween. From there I would spread spider webs and such to have a more unified haunt. Problem was, I couldn’t find a spider. There were spiders don’t get me wrong. But they weren’t for outside, too small, too cute, and so on. Anything I did find was no where near my budget.

What was an inspiring young haunter to do?

I built one.

I took inspiration from wherever I could and in the end I had a 13 foot spider that was able to withstand the outdoors and fit into my budget.

It also introduced me to Great Stuff. But that’s a topic for another day.

Year after year the neighborhood kids would get excited when they saw the spider being placed on the roof, as though that signified the start of Halloween. Their enthusiasm helped drive me into new creations every year.

From then on it was:

  • What could I build
  • How complex can I make it
  • How can I capture my version of Halloween

Every year things change. The props evolve or get destroyed. I plan out what part of Halloween I want to capture. I use that to build my Haunt.

In the end it’s the kids (mine and the neighborhood’s), that drives this inspiration into seeing exactly what we are capable of and how we can transition it from mind to art. Every year I build. And every year I always think back to the spider that started it all.