2020, as all know, brought it’s own unique challenges. After being laid off of work I dug deep into my stash to see what I could create without spending anything on new stuff. One unique experience was using the ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook group my wife and I are a part of. Someone was giving away tons of fence posts, which I took. The person was nice enough to use his truck to help move them to my house.

What was more interesting is that this year I made Voodoo boxes for people. Again, with the group, I chose people at random to give them to. I had no idea I made one special for the wife of the person who gave me the wood.

What a circle we live in right?

Onto This Year

This year I blew up everything. My previous ‘Pumpkin Patch’ theme came to an end. I moved onto a more Voodoo vibe. There were plenty of issues with it as I couldn’t create exactly what I wanted to, but in the end I was able to pull off a ‘bayou swamp’ kind of scene. Remember, roll with the punches.

What did we learn this year?
  • One project then another. I spent a lot of time testing different components but not really finishing a prop. Therefore it got left out.
  • Have everything completed by mid October. I always try for this but push myself to create more. Issue is that you forget what’s not quite finished and end up hurting yourself.
  • Sometimes less is better. I didn’t try to fill my entire yard which simplified things and actually made the props stand out.

Anyways, here’s a video of a bit of a walkthrough of the haunt.