Because Wood Went Up 3,000 Percent During Covid

Wood Door Picture
Wood Door Picture

If you didn’t know the story, here it is. Lumber mills assumed people / construction companies wouldn’t be building as much. So they cut back production. Well, that was wrong. Turns out when you trap people in their homes they need something to do.

So here we are. Companies have caught up with demand but, you never would have guessed it, they still haven’t cut back on prices.

Yeah yeah. Get to it. Here are some pointers:

  • 2x3s can replace 2x4s
  • 2x2s work really well
  • Instead of buying 1×2 or 1×3 or even 1x4s, buy fence boards. These are a lot cheaper and, if you’re willing, you can sand them down and save a bit of money.